RüMoo RSB conversion kit suitable for Noggerath, Belidor, Tremix, Contec, Atlas Copco - and similar vibrating beams.

Replace the patented electric top belt, mount the vibrator with the mounting plate, plug in the cable and off you go. The screed can also be converted directly on the construction site in just a few hours. The vibrating beam then functions without a shaft, without pillow block bearings, without couplings, without rubber crosses, without V-belts and without a central drive. Top surface, adjustable speed, no open mechanical wearing parts due to vibrators encapsulated in the housing, no freezing of the (standing) bearings when water gets in in winter, no problems with buckling points...

RüMoo Kompatibel passend zum Umbausatz für Wellenbetriebene Bohlen.

RüMoo compatible with the conversion kit for shaft-powered screeds.

Own vibrating beam system - must fit - compatible with almost all SVM, SVE, Vario and Variant systems.

Following the modular philosophy, the aluminum A-points are screwed onto the carrier plate and then attached to the T-profiles.The patented electrified upper belt, also suitable for Mooser MSB planks, serves as a carrier system.Elements of 50cm, 75cm, 1m, 2m and 3m can be delivered.It is therefore also possible to configure a complete screed with end pieces, vibrators, winches, etc.

Zusmarshausen A8 BMTI RSB Umbausatz

Döllbachtal Noggerath Hörnig RSB Umbausatz